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Delen van artikels

Every month we're going to tell you about software or a service that we use here at LabourStart and that we think is useful for trade unionists like yourself.

This month, I'd like to recommend what I think is the best to-do list available online, one which I've used for many years: Toodledo.

I think a to-do list is essential if you want to be productive and effective -- and this is especially true for activists. Of course you can do this on paper, but if you're reading this message, you have access to a computer or smartphone.

A good online todo list will work on any computer and smartphone, and will include such features as tagging, recurring tasks, attached notes, and more. Toodledo has all of these, and many more features. I've never come across a tool quite as powerful as this one.

And while LabourStart uses one of the paid subscription plans, there's a free version of Toodledo which you should check out.

For those of who are slightly more adventurous (and have some tech skills), you should also consider todo.txt which we also love.